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October 07, 2009



Those are the bathrooms I dream of. What I would do for one of those tubs! Sadly ours is quite pedestrian in comparison... K x


these tubs are divine. a quiet soak is definitely calling my name. warm wishes on the rehab! love your space here. linked to you today, will visit often!


Hi Kristina! I so love these tubs and have always dreamed of having one. We had a modern version in one place we lived, but it just wasn't quite right : ) Hope all is well! Cheers, Sam


Welcome Tyler! Thank you so much for the link! Funny that you have landed here, because I found you maybe two or three weeks ago, via Follow Studio, and have been visiting ever since. Love your blog and your children's clothes!

Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka

Hi Sam,
looking forward to see it IRL,
champagne and bubbles all over the place!


Morning Becky! I'm looking forward to seeing it too. Feels like it is taking so long to get there...


I could have pic #1 bathroom in my life forever!


Bathroom 1 is great isn't it Lisa? I love the double doors and those lights above the sink look fantastic.


well, as usual, I LOVE these bathroom photos...hope you are pleased with yours when it's done...xo Jone

vintage simple

Sam..! I just found you via Periwinklebloom...! I can't wait to see what your bathroom remodel looks like!



i have a claw foot bath..and i just love it so much.


Hi Jo, I've always wanted a clawfoot bath - hope I love our new one as much as you love yours!

Tina Rubie

Hi Sam - this is my first comment on a blog! I only stumbled onto my first blog -this one- yesterday!!! I love these images! We have an original claw foot bath(burgundy in colour!) - you have inspired me to fast track my bathroom reno, including painting my bath!! Hope your redo turns out just the way you hoped :) LOVE your blog - Tina X


Hi Tina, thanks so much for your lovely comment! Welcome to the completely wonderful world of design/deco blogs : ) I am so pleased to hear you enjoyed sam's notebook, and hope that from here you can go on to find many many more gorgeous blogs to enjoy!

bathroom remodeling minneapolis

Bathroom 9 is amazing! It would be perfect for me and my wife. I've always wanted to have a dark-colored bathroom, but she insists on making everything white, so that kind of design will make both ends meet for us. The marble print curtains are the coolest I've seen so far. I'll try my hardest to look for something like that for our bathroom remodeling project next year. Thanks a lot, Sam!

- Lawrence Cooks


Bath tubs look awesome!

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