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March 25, 2011


Mari Foster

Wow! Thank you so much for blogging about my work! I'm honored!


Hi Mari, you are very welcome! I was so thrilled to find your work, love how you have found a fantastic way to use antique quilt blocks. Hope there will be more in this series! Cheers, Sam


very inspiring, Sam...
Gives me LOTS of ideas....wish there were more hours in each day....


Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka

Very very cool!
See you tomorrow :)


I agree Jone, really inspiring! You know, I thought of Oolie as soon as I saw these, I think she will love them too. Hope all is good!


Yes see you tomorrow Becky! Save lots of room for dessert :-)

Julie Hesse

Oh, My......Oh, My....Oh, My.....I can hardly comment, I am so in LOVE with this beautiful and creative use of those quilt fabrics that I have such an appreciation for.....! Thank you for giving me a heads up to delve deep into this great blog, etc. I may have found another kindred spirit out there in "hand stitching" & "vintage fabric collecting" land...YEAH. The stars must be aligned! I just loved that you thought of me when viewing this incredible artwork! LOVE- Oolie


Oh Oolie... I am so thrilled you loved these as much as I thought you would! I treasure those vintage quilt blocks you have given me, and after seeing Mari's creations I am even more inspired to do something special with them. Hope you are well, I imagine you over there in Colarado, happily stitching away on our exciting new Pantry Violets project!

Julie Hesse

Sammy dear- I will bring some extra quilt squares for us to experiment around with "Mari style" at Briancon!!!!! We could have such fun, and could really encourage each other in this medium. Thank you for thinking of me! This stitching artwork went right to my heart! LOVE-Oolie


Love that idea Oolie!


wonderful, gorgeous find love her work!

thanks for sharing x


Glad you liked it Jeska, it is one of my favourite finds so far. Can't wait to see her future work in this series. Cheers, Sam

Diamond Engagement Rings

wow!! these necklaces are sooo mesmerizing..
thank you for uploading these pics!! :)

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