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April 17, 2011


Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka

YES, this is a VERY nice and creative place!
Your collection of beautiful fabrics is like a piece of heaven.
I remember our first
papier mache´workshop here:)


Oh I remember it too! I think it's time for another one soon. What do you think?


What a wonderful room! And it includes my very favorite piece of IKEA furniture, that I have not yet splurged on for myself - but would in a red hot second!
It "feels" so peaceful in there - even through the photos. It is nice to have a Mind's Eye of where you spend time...thanks for that!
would love to join you girls for papier mache!

julie whitmore

Love the combination of old and new , the light, the organization and the Becky post cards on your cork board!


Oh how beautiful! I'd never leave! I dream of having a sewing room. One of these days :)

K x


Jone, we're ready for a papier mache session as soon as you are! When are you coming???? Did your spot your little papier mache girl and embroidered felt heart in the pics above?


Thanks Julie! Love that you spotted Becky's postcards on the noticeboard :)


Hi Kristina, hope all is good? If only we could swap sewing room time for allotment time :) I dream of having an allotment one of these days!

do you mind if i knit

The satisfaction of a beautiful and tidy sewing room! My studio is a mess, I have to tip toe round piles of things everywhere, so I get a vicarious pleasure from seeing nicely ordered creative spaces! Your blog is wonderful, so chock-a-block full of things to inspire and drool over, thank you! Love Vanessa xxx


Hi Vanessa, thanks for stopping by! Before I tidied up there were actually many piles being tip toed around, and tripped over :) Each time I do a major tidy up in there I always wander what took me so long to do it, because you are right - a happy tidy space to create is a huge satisfaction. It's always a trade off though, between a tidy space and being able to easily see/find stuff! Cheers, Sam

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