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June 26, 2011



Hello there dear Sam, the flowers are lovely and I can imagine how beautiful they would be if the pages were image transferred onto fabric then stitched....
How are things going? missing my swedish sisters! and now wishing that I was going to France with you all!


yummy yummy yummy!!!!!

I, too, wish I was going to be in France with you in September.....
hmmmm, maybe Danielle and I need to "re-think" things....

gotta go to work and then make some of these flowers when I get home.
Love the idea of stitching them to fabric, Danielle.....

Love to you, dear Sam!


I love your idea to transfer the image of the old pages to fabric Danielle! Might have to get some fabric printing hints from Becky and give it a go. So sad to hear you won't be in France with us :( Did your plan fall through?


Yes Jone, definitely time for a rethink! Hope you can make it for a visit to Malmö this summer, if not France?


hi dear sam, i see your blog for first time , i like your blog and i like this lovly flowers too, i'm irainian and i can't speak english very well. so i aplogize if i have some mistakes , i like to be friend with you

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