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December 03, 2011


Robin red

Wow what a stunning collection, they look amazing displayed like that. I was lucky enough to go on a JA course and we made Suffolk puff brooches and wristlets, I have booked again for next year and can't wait! I have one of her pieces that I had been keeping safely tucked away whilst house renovations have been going on which has just been unpacked and I must post pics soon! Sorry for lengthy comment xox

Julie Hesse

I feel very honored to have my wee little bits hanging out with such special company on the adorable vintage sweater! Thank you for including them, and know that I am thinking of you whenever you glance at them, or decide to wear them!!!!! Can't wait to visit J&B The Shop with you sometime......we better give them fair warning to stock up!
LOVE- Oolie


oh your little treasures are wonderful sam. hope you are well, lovely to hear from you... till soon! x


I see a little Oolie toadstool on that sweater!
Isn't it wonderful?!

I wish we could all spend some "pre-Christmas" time together....sigh....
Wouldn't it be fun to work on ornaments together?

Love to you, Sam...


Dear Sally, there's no need to ever apologise for a lengthy comment! Will keep a look out on your blog for pics of your Julie Arkell treasure :)


Oolie, your wee bits fit right in there on the little cardigan and Charlie and I chat about you almost every time we walk past it! I agree, good to give J&B a warning to stock up before we visit :)


Hi Mady, so nice to hear from you too, it's been a while hasn't it? Hope all is well with you!


Dearest Jone, it is indeed an Oolie toadstool on the sweater - I love it! Would be so lovely if we could all meet up before Christmas (if only!) but not to worry, it will be summer 2012 before we know it...

Mandy McCauley

What a lovely collection of brooches and perfect little cardigan. I love Julies work and own several of her pieces. Jessie and Buddugs shop is one of my favourite places to visit when Im in London too. So much talent in one photo.
Daisy xxx

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